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Design and Build first Smart Telescope of Arabic Database.

we are developing the first Smart Telescope that is 100% controlled by Mobile App. With Arabic Database. We aim to reach very cheap price, to make this telescope available for all Arab families.

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Design, Build and Launch Cube Satellites

We design the cube Sat mission. Based on the required function. Select the instrument to do the function and integrate it with the cube. Build, integrate and test the components Contract launching company to put the cube SAT in Orbit.

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Develop and build special Drones .

on shelf Drones Cannot carry heavy loads for long fly duration. To carry out Scientific surveys we need special Drones that is custom made to carry surveying instruments (such as big Radars) with weight exceeds 100kg for long flying durations.

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Educational and Training programs on Cube SAT.

We do free workshops for college and high school students in Qatar We do hands on CubeSat camps, for interested students who want to become experts. We do actual programmes for design, build and Launch CubeSat to space. Door is open for brilliant students to register in those programs and gain actual project experience.

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